Policy Drive: MA Net Neutrality

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Massachusetts Net Neutrality Policy Drive

Over the next several weeks, we'll be working with Representative Tom Sannicandro of Massachusetts to create a net neutrality law. And let's make it good -- if we come up with something substantive, Representative Sannicandro has agreed to introduce our bill to the MA House of Representatives. LexPop.org is devoted to expanding participation in democracy. Simply put, we think our policy will be better if more voices are heard.

How it Works

The MA Net Neutrality policy drive will proceed through three phases, and each has its own page on LexPop. In theory, the policy drive will start in Phase I and move through the other two in turn, but all stages are open at all times. This allows you to use the space as you like.

  1. Phase One: Hearing. In the first step, participants provide links to research and discuss problems and solutions. This step is crucially important as the research and discussion will form the backbone of the policy we create.
  2. Phase Two: Markup. In this step, participants will draw from the research ideas, comments, and arguments to outline the policy. Use the discussion page to hash out the details and give the policy shape.
  3. Phase Three: Build the Bill. By this step, the major arguments should have been settled and the decisions made. What is left now is for the participants to draft the legislative text to prepare it for submission.

There won't be a distinct phase for it, but it is also important to recognize the best contributors and discuss whether we have the initial time lengths right. Remember, it's all about collaboration.

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